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Stella Glow to Launch with Special Edition


With Stella Glow now given a solid North American date, Atlus USA has also revealed a special launch edition of the game. Developed by the now defunct Imageepoch, Stella Glow will arrive in stores and on the eShop on November 17, 2015. This premium edition will contain a cloth poster of Hilda, the Witch of Destruction, a flexi-charm of The Wind Witch Popo’s pet pig Bubu, and a five-song CD containing the vocal themes of the witches, all in a larger-than-normal collectable box, much like The Legend of Legacy launch edition. Players who pre-order Stella Glow will receive this special edition, and a few launch day copies will be available as well.

In addition, Atlus USA  released a trailer focusing on Stella Glow’s turn-based strategy combat. The trailer shows off characters taking advantage of positioning to flank enemies, spells to exploit weaknesses, and attacks to remove obstacles from the field.


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