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Super Cane Magic ZERO Thrown onto Steam Early Access


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Super Cane Magic ZERO, a game from Italian independent developer Studio Evil, is now available to play through Steam Early Access. The title is a chaotic action RPG with local multiplayer for up to four players. It's available to pre-order and access on both PC and Mac for $19.99/£14.99/€19.99, with a 10% discount available until September 2, 2015.

Super Cane Magic ZERO is set in a world designed by Italian cartoonist Sio, where a wizard named Cake passes away and his dog, AAAAH!, finds and eats Cake's magic cane. The result of this incident is the world ends up in chaos, with grass turned to lava and rocks into chocolate. The only hope to return things to normal turns out to be a pair named Coso and Cosa. The two have the odd afflictions of being so distracted that they can ignore things that would normally cause death and of believing everything anyone says so much that it becomes true.

The game features a story mode that takes place across seven worlds, along with a challenge mode that features a procedurally generated dungeon. Both modes allow up to four players to cooperate. PvP multiplayer is also available in an arena mode. A trailer showing some of the chaotic, throwing-heavy gameplay can be seen below.


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