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Kickstarter Check-In: Omnis - The Erias Line



UK-based developer Elyn Studio is currently working on its debut title, Omnis - The Erias Line, and is looking to help fund the game through Kickstarter. The game will be available on PC, Mac, and Linux, with a planned release of February 2018.

Omnis - The Erias Line is set in the sprawling Verdamm City, which is situated in the mouth of a giant cave that has been carved out by large-scale iron mining. The game stars brother and sister duo Orphan and Skyler, who have arrived in Verdamm City after a decade of travel. Combat uses an active-time style combat system titled the Formation Battle System. Five party members are placed into five slots, with each slot having its own advantages and weaknesses. Characters can swap between slots, allowing players to adapt their strategy as combat unfolds. Enemies will also make use of the system, swapping their own placements as they see fit.

The game will also include the Dynamic Arc System, which lets player influence the world around them. Rather than offering a small number of choices with big impacts on the story direction, the developer is planning on offering a larger variety of options that have smaller impacts on the world. Further details about the world will be gleamed through the Internal World System, which lets players dive into the minds of each character and learn about their past or places special to them.

Elyn Studio is looking for £18,400 in funding by September 23, 2015 in order to release part one of the game, which is said to include at least seven hours worth of gameplay, with parts two and three set as stretch goals. Potential console releases for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are also set as stretch goals. Those interested in receiving a PC copy of the game as part of their backer rewards can do so for pledges of £5 (around $8) or higher. A demo is available for Omnis - The Erias Line, which can be found on its Kickstater page.

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