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Kickstarter Check-In: Overfall



Turkish developer Pera Games has revealed Overfall, a procedurally-generated nautical RPG with roguelike elements, and is looking to fund the game's development through Kickstarter. The game is set on the ocean world of Dys, with players tasked by the human Everking to search for a great artifact. However, the artifacts guardians, the Vorn, are retaliating against the humans by invading their lands through portals.

Dys features a number of fantasy races, including Orcs, Elves, and Dwarves. Players can influence their standing amongst the races through their actions and choices in the game. Various companions can be recruited and outfitted with unlockable classes and equipment throughout the game. Dynamic encounters means that players can approach them in different ways and earn different rewards based on how they were handled. Battles in Overfall are turn-based using a hexagonal grid, with the game also featuring a permanent death mechanic.

Pera Games is looking for $65,000 in funding for Overfall by September 18, 2015. Those interested in pledging can get a copy of the game as a backer reward for $10.

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