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Kickstarter Check-In: Exoplanet: First Contact


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Alersteam, an independent team of developers and modders from Russia, the United Kingdom, and Ukraine, has begun a Kickstarter campaign for Exoplanet: First Contact, a story-driven action RPG set in a space western universe. Exoplanet focuses on exploration and interaction with the untamed world of K'Tharsis, which is becoming a ghost planet after the Antigravium rush.

The game stars Jack Sharp, an adventurer who had his ship taken from him and left stranded on K'Tharsis. As Jack struggles to survive, reclaim his ship, and possibly strike it rich, he must deal with marauders, runaway slaves, wild alien creatures, and angry natives. He can uncover the secrets of a mysterious race of "Dark Wanderers" and take part in many intriguing stories. While story-driven, Exoplanet will be non-linear and optional quests are stated to have meaningful choices with occasionally unexpected consequences. Exoplanet: First Contact will be the initial chapter of a larger game univese, with future installments taking Jack to other planets.

As mentioned earlier, Exoplanet is an action RPG with third-person shooter style gunplay. Weapons and other devices can be combined to create powerful items. Players can also use the environment to a tactical advantage during combat by activating or destroying objects to deal more damage to enemies. Players have a variety of skills at their disposal and can choose to either hone them in one specific area or spread them out to be a jack-of-all-trades. There are even survival elements, as Jack will need to eat, sleep, and drink to stay healthy, although players can choose to turn this off.

Alersteam is looking to raise $45,000 for Exoplanet by September 12, 2015. Backers who want a copy of the game can pledge a minimum of $15. If completed, the game will be released on PC via Steam. No stretch goals have been announced at this time, so it is not known if it will be released on other platforms. Those interested can also check out Exoplanet's Steam Greenlight page.




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