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Fire Emblem Creator Shows Early SRPG Studio Creation


SRPG Studio

Shouzo Kaga, the former designer at Intelligent Systems who is best known for creating the Fire Emblem series and its early Famicom titles through to Fire Emblem: Thracia 776, recently unveiled his latest project. The project is called Vestaria Saga and is being made using SRPG Studio, which is similar to the popular RPG Maker series of programs and allows users to create their own strategy RPGs in a similar vein to early Fire Emblem titles. SRPG Studio is currently available in Japanese only, but a western release is being considered.

Some early footage from Vestaria Saga has been released, which can be viewed below. The game is being created by a team of fifteen volunteers and is very early in development, currently using temporary graphics for its event scenes. It has been stated that it is unclear if the project will be finished, but if it is completed it will be released for free.

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