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Kickstarter Check-In: Mooncrest


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A selection of former BioWare developers have joined together to form KnightMayor, and this new company is looking for funding through Kickstarter for its debut title on PC, Mooncrest. The game is a story-driven fantasy RPG featuring real-time tactical combat.

Mooncrest stars a paladin named Sera. Raised in the paladin's temple from a young age, Sera sets out into the world after passing the trials to attain paladinhood. However, her encounter with the streetwise Pirotase raises doubts in Sera's about her beliefs and upbringing.

Sera's interactions with Pirotase will play a key role in the story, with cinematic conversations between the two as well as various NPCs in the world. Conversational choices are positioned as part of Sera's internal thoughts, and will shape both Sera and Pirotase characters as well as their relationship.

Mooncrest takes place in the world of Nocturne. Combat is said to be partly inspired by the Souls series, with a stamina bar having a heavy impact on proceedings. Sera is primailry melee-focused but is supported by Piratose's ability with a bow. Mooncrest will also feature logic based puzzles throughout.

KnightMayor is looking for $400,000 in pledges for Mooncrest by September 3, 2015. Those hoping to receive a digital copy of the game as a reward will need to pledge $30, though a limited number of copies are available at $25. Should the game be funded, the game is initially planned for release on PC in February 2017, with Mac and Linux versions currently set as a stretch goal at $425,000.

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