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Might and Magic Heroes VII Release Date, Beta Announced


Might and Magic Heroes VII

The Might and Magic series turns twenty this year and Ubisoft kicked off the celebration by announcing Might and Magic Heroes VII will release September 29, 2015 exclusively for PC. Developed by Limbic Entertainment, Might and Magic Heroes VII is said to respect the legacy of the series and the traditional elements, such as a deep fantasy universe, rich RPG progression, and a strong narrative, that made it popular among fans for the last two decades.

Ubisoft also annouced a second beta for the game, set to begin August 26, 2015 and running until September 2, 2015. The beta will contain two extra factions, Sylvan and Dungeon, as chosen by the players through the Shadow Council initiative. Beta access can be guarenteed by preordering the game, but players can apply to a waitlist for a chance to be given beta access.

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