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Here at RPGamer, we love the JRPG. Sometimes we are hard on them, and sometimes they provide us with all the feels. Anne Lee of Chic Pixel has announced the second annual #JRPGJuly, an event for JRPG lovers and enthusiasts. The staff at RPGamer have decided to throw their support to the event by being active participants in the event.

As a celebration of JRPGs, anyone can participate regardless of whether they have a social media account or not. The event began on July 1, and will be ending on July 31 at midnight. You can play one game, multiple games, there's no restrictions other than playing a JRPG of your choice.

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Let's meet the staff members participating and what they will be playing for the month.


Chris Privitere — Our benevolent site owner who seldom finishes games has decided to participate in the event. Chris has selected Xenoblade Chronicles 3D to complete during the event. Feel free to place your bets as to whether or not he will finish the game. Follow Chris at @sabin1001.


Cassandra Ramos — RPGamer's resident Pokémon Master is also taking up the challenge. Cassandra will be working her way through the Triangulum Arc of Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2 Record Breaker as her challenge for the month.


Sam Wachter — RPGamer's Operations Manager Sam likes her JRPGs. She also loves the Shin Megami Tensei series. During #JRPGJuly cheer her on as she works to complete her playthrough of Shin Megami Tensei IV. She's twenty-five hours in, she'll probably finish it this month and then who knows what will be next for her large JRPG backlog. Follow Sam at @merrygodown.


Mike Apps — Lucky duck Mike Apps has decided to join the challenge by playing Fire Emblem If (Fire Emblem Fates in North America and Europe). We'll see how his progress goes throughout the month. Follow Mike Apps at @AskWheels.


Emanuel Merino — Columnist Emanuel doesn't play a lot of JRPGs. It's okay, we still love him! But for #JRPGJuly he's decided to get in on the action and take a stab at Chaos Rings III on iOS. Follow Emanuel at @MerinoEM.


Michael Cunningham — Admittedly, we've lost our Editor-in-Chief to Final Fantasy. It was inevitable. For #JRPGJuly, Macstorm will be finishing quests in Final Fantasy XI. May we not lose him to Vana'diel for too long. Follow Michael at @FinalMacstorm.


Becky Cunningham — Becky, who for the record once again, is not married to Michael Cunningham, has decided to dust off a DS JRPG from her backlog. What did she select? The quite adored, Radiant Historia. Follow Becky at @BeckyCFreelance.


Sarah McGarr — Determined to finish the 2.5 and 2.55 story content in Final Fantasy XIV, graphics designer and amazing banner maker, Sarah is joining in on the JRPG action. Follow Sarah at @yournoodleface.


Phil Willis — Co-host of the RPG Backtrack Podcast, Phil has been working his way through the Dragon Quest series for awhile. His pick for #JRPGJuly is Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation on the Nintendo DS. Follow Phil at @jcservant.


Zach Welhouse — Our resident indie game enthusiast is taking some time out of sharing some of his new favourite games to play a PlayStation 3 gem that was recently ported to PC. Watch Zach's journey through Valkyria Chronicles on PC. Follow Zach at @ZachRPG.

Anna Marie Privitere — And finally, there's the delightful Anna Marie, who has also selected Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2 Record Breaker for the event, but is waffling between Atelier Escha & Logy, Omega Quintet once she completes that adventure. Follow Anna at @amprivitere.

And there you have it: some tentative game plans for this month's #JRPGJuly. Feel free to discuss what you are playing on the forums, or via social media using #JRPGJuly. Huge love and thank you to Anne Lee again for hosting such an amazing and community wide event. RPGamer is thrilled to be supporters in such a fantastic and fan driven event.

Look out for our first update next Friday, July 10, to see what sort of progress the RPGamer staff have made in their picks!

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