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Three Short Impressions - TGS 2013


Fairy Fencer F

Sometimes a game leaves a strong impression, for good or for ill, and the words just flow from the pen with ease. Other times, it's hard to put together three full paragraphs. This page is dedicated to the short stuff.

Fairy Fencer F

This game has positional, turn-based combat, flashy effects, and cute girls. The backstory seems interesting enough, but the plot shown in the demo was standard fare. I'd say it was better than any other Compile Heart game I've played, but that would be setting the bar rather low. I have trouble giving it any praise higher than "it seems adequate" based on the demo. Maybe if I had more time with it my opinion would change, but then again maybe not.

Hero Bank

I'm still not quite sure what to make of this one. It's a grade school RPG based entirely on prizefighting and moneygrubbing. Half the strategy in battle involves grabbing more cash off the ground than the opponent, because all attacks and most forms of defense in this game have to be funded out of pocket. Whatever message this game's trying to send, it's a mercenary one.

Puzzle & Dragon Z

This RPG was adapted from an iOS game with a microtransaction scheme, and it feels like it. The booth attendant directed me to the trial battle section of the demo, completely ignoring the separate area that told me how to actually play the game. No problem, it's just a match-three puzzler, right? For a rank beginner, even the easiest demo sequence fit the definion of "Nintendo hard," so yes, problem. They were giving away free copies of the demo afterward, so I've since been able to beat the first level, but the others are still way beyond my skill level. Hopefully the full game will not be so brutal right off the bat.

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Fairy Fencer F | Hero Bank
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