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NISA Reminds Us About a Witch and a Knight


The Witch and the Hundred Knight

After a rather long period of silence concerning the game, NIS America has some information about its upcoming title The Witch and the Hundred Knight. Observant RPGamers may have already noticed that the title is now lacking an "s" that used to be there, a change made by NISA to make the title fit the story better. The release date has also shifted to early 2014, though nothing more specific than that.

In The Witch and the Hundred Knight you control the inhuman Hundred Knight, who has been contracted by the Swamp Witch Metallia to help her in her plans to spread a toxic swamp and wreak vengeance upon the world. The game is an action RPG, and the Hundred Knight has a wide range of weapons and transformations to utilize as he fights to further the Witch's malevolent plans.

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