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Dialog Trees

Dialog Trees is RPGamer's home for unedited audio interviews, demos, talks, and discussions. The Dialog Trees podcast is unique in that, often times, episodes are raw and candid recordings of various appointments, presentations, and impromptu interviews recorded on the spot by RPGamer Staff Members, often on a convention show floor like at E3, FanExpo, or PAX.

These episodes can vary in length from a couple of minutes to a half hour and are a great way to get a behind the scenes look at the gaming scene. For example, I record just about every appointment, interview, panel, and demo I attend at the various events I cover for RPGamer. I saved these audio recordings for either transcription later or for my own personal notes. As such, we have been careful to select recordings that both sound good and are clear to share with the public. Some recordings will have to stay behind the scenes.

In the future, this will be the home for all of RPGamer's various voice recordings or presentations that don't quit fit anywhere else. We already have five episodes up right now from E3 2013 and will continue to update it with content from future shows like PAX 2013. We will even go back in time for some old gems from BlizzCon, visits to various developers in Southern California, and coverage of various conventions from Canada like FanExpo.

You can find the full archive here.

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