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Introducing Tales of Xilla 2 to the West


Tales of Xillia 2

Tales producer Hideo Baba announced a Western release for Tales of Xillia 2 at the Japan Expo in Paris on Saturday. The game will arrive in 2014, just a year (or so) after the upcoming August release of Tales of Xillia.

Here are some images that Namco Bandai posted on Facebook to introduce the game to Western fans. They show off the main character, Ludger Kresnik, who enjoys cooking and lives with a rotund cat named Rollo. Ludger can switch between three different weapons in combat: dual blades, dual pistols, and sledgehammer.

Ludger's story begin when he and a little girl named Elle Marta become involved in an accident that changes their lives forever. Unusually for a Tales title, Ludger will make various choices that change the course of the game's story.

Accompanying the Tales of Xillia 2 announcement was a video of the game's Japanese opening theme. No official video of the sequence has been released yet, so here is a version from an imported copy:

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Tales of Xillia 2
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