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Disgaea 2 Invades Dengeki PlayStation


Disgaea 2

Yesterday, Dengeki PlayStation published the revelation of Disgaea 2, Nippon Ichi's upcoming sequel to Disgaea: Hour of Darkness. Today, a full translation of the magazine scans is available.

As previously reported, Disgaea 2 is not set in the Netherworld, but in a "normal" world where the Overlord Xenon placed a curse on its inhabitants, transforming them into demons. Only one person remained unaffected: a young man named Adel, who decides to take a stand and become the hero of the story. He concocts a summoning ceremony with the intention of confronting Xenon, but instead summons the overlord's only daughter, Rosalinde. She is a spoiled, 17-year-old demon girl, and to complicate matters, she is only Level 1 and completely naive about the world. Thanks to this little slip-up, Adel must return Rosalinde to Xenon, and that is where the adventure begins.

Familiar jobs and faces from Disgaea: Hour of Darkness and Makai Kingdom will appear in Disgaea 2. Etna will arrive in Adel's world with an entourage of prinnies, the much-adored penguin mascots of both Disgaea and Makai Kingdom. She is now 1473 years old, and she has advanced from Retainer to Majin. Etna is seeking to challenge Overlord Xenon and claim the title of "Strongest Overlord Ever," but she is having trouble locating him. Other Overlords from Makai Kingdom will arrive on the scene, usually in the form of powerful spells. Casting Omega Wind summons Alexander, and Terra Star invokes Valvolga.

Other returning Disgaea elements include combos, grid-pattern fields, and the Dark Assembly. This time, there is a Dark Court as well where characters will be put on trial and possibly convicted of crimes. Potential punishments were not given, but bribery is still an option.

Disgaea 2 is scheduled to invade Japan in 2006. It is unknown whether the title will reach North America.

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