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Official Pokemon Emerald Site is Unveiled



Nintendo recently announced that they have opened the official site for Pokemon Emerald. This title will follow the combined stories of Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire while also featuring many new additions not found in the original two titles.

Team Magma and Team Aqua are preparing for a huge battle. The winner of this battle will determine who win the powerful Pokemon, Rayquaza, and in turn control the skies. The site also unveiled Deoxys, a new Pokemon whom has three forms but his name remains unchanged. There is a Pokedex on the site that now lists him as Pokemon #386.

There is a new place called the Battle Frontier where the player will be able to battle Pokemon and test their skills. The Battle Frontier will be a very hard place to battle and will require you to strategize to win battles. Currently only two of the planned seven areas of the Battle Frontier have been unveiled. The first area is called Battle Dome while the second area is being dubbed the Battle Tube. On August 13, new areas are scheduled to be unveiled. No story elements are scheduled to appear in this region of the game.

When entering battles, you can sometimes surprise the Pokemon causing them to do what appears to be a sort of dance. Pokemon have new battle animations which gives the impression of fighting different Pokemon better than past games in the series.

Currently, Pokemon Emerald is scheduled for release in Japan on September 16, 2004. No North American or European release dates have been announced at this time.

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