FFX-3 Not in the Cards, Says Producer

Weekly Famitsu recently chatted with Square Enix staffers Akitoshi Kawazu and Yoshinori Kitase, bringing to light some information about the upcoming English release of Final Fantasy X-2.

Kitase commented on the translation of Final Fantasy X-2, saying the overseas version will see a few small changes made to make the game more English-friendly. For one, the Yu-Ri-Pa group will be known as YRP in the localized version, while the Kamone group will find itself renamed to Galwing for some reason. The plot will also be altered, specifically a certain event, and Aniki's appearance and motions will be tweaked.

Finally, Kitase ruled out any chance of a FFX-3, putting to rest once again speculation surrounding the possibility of such a title. As it is, FFX-2 has yet to be released in North America, where it is reportedly slated to come out November 4 of this year.

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by Andrew Long    
Sources: [Final Fantasy X-2 Online]

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