Super Robot Taisen to Hit WonderSwan Color

Banpresto's robot fighting sim, Super Robot Taisen, has made appearances on both the PlayStation and Dreamcast over the past year, and now the company is planning to release a version of the game for the WonderSwan Color, under the title Super Robot Taisen Compact. Banpresto has previously released two Super Robot Taisen Compact titles for the WonderSwan, and it is likely that this title will be similar to those games.

The popularity of Super Robot Taisen stems chiefly from the fact that it borrows mechs from many major anime series in Japan, allowing for a great deal of variety. Banpresto will release Super Robot Taisen Compact for the WonderSwan Color in Japan on December 13th, for a suggested price of 4800 yen, which amounts to roughly $40 US. The game will not be released in North America, in all probability.

by Andrew Long    
Sources: [The Magic Box]
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