Sega to Bring Phantasy Star Online to PC

In keeping with its recent trend of bringing Phantasy Star Online to a variety of platforms, Sega has announced the title will be released worldwide for the PC. This announcement comes as part of Sega's multiplatform strategy as it strives to carve itself a prominent role in the software development community, and will come with vigorous promotion. The company has targeted Asia as its strongest potential market, and so many improvements that will be made to the game will be focused on making the game better for that region.

In furtherance of that goal, Phantasy Star Online will add language support for seven more dialects, including Chinese and Korean, support that will increase the functionality of the translation system, and then correspond with that found in the Dreamcast version. Sega is also hoping to cash in on the rapidly growing online gaming market, aiming to attract an additional million users, all told, for the variety of platforms the game will be available on.

Sega will show off their latest version of Phantasy Star Online at the World PC Expo 2001, which will take place in Japan on the weekend of September 22nd. At this point, the game is targeted for release by the year's end, although how this will apply to various international markets is uncertain.

by Andrew Long    
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