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    Catch up on all the news overseas in this easy to follow summary:

  • Square will release Chrono Cross in November 1999 for 6800 yen ($62.50).
  • For the RPG Sim that has everything, Winky Soft is working on Rayblade, featuring war strategy, adventure, and dating. The game takes place in medieval times, as a youth is summoned by a robot, Rayblade. Choices you made will affect the later story, and the level of trust of the other characters.
  • Square will release Final Fantasy VIII The Card Game for PC on 09.22.1999 in Japan. This is the mega-popular mini card game from FFVIII. The game will support network play over LAN or internet, and the CD will also include collector items such as FFVIII letter pad, stamps, 20 screen savers, and three desktop themes.
  • Imagineer is working on porting Medalot, popular Gameboy breeding & battle RPG, to the PlayStation. The port will be named Medalot R.
  • Konami is working on a new Playstation RPG called Elder Gate. Full details will be released during the Tokyo Game Show.
  • Namco has announced Tales of Eternia. The game is already 25% complete, and is scheduled for release in Japan next year. Tales of Eternia is somehow connected with Tales of Destiny, and Tales of Phantasia, but the exact relation has not been revealed at this time.

by Mike Tidwell    
Source: [MagicBox / GameSpot]
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