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After years of absence, Enix is resetablishing a presense in North America. Earlier this week, Enix and Eidos Interactive announced a two year publishing deal. Enix is most famous for the popular Dragon Warrior series on the Nintendo Entertainment System. While the series continued with the Super Famicom in Japan, Enix had closed its publishing office in North America, and Dragon Warrior V and VI were never translated.

According to the current production rate of Dragon Quest VII, the chances of a US release are now very probable, though no official accounment has been made. The first game to be released under this new agreement is Dragon Warrior Monsters: Terry's Wonderland. Yoshinobu Chida, senior managing director at Enix and producer of the Dragon Quest series, speaks about the spin-off's success.

Dragon Warrior Monsters has sold over 2.2 million pieces here in Japan since first released last year. We are very excited to have a chance to introduce such a big title to a world-wide audience through Eidos Interactive, which is one of the best software publishers in the Western world.

In other news, Enix has officially announced that it will continue to develop for Sony for the PlayStation 2. No other details are known at this time.

by Mike Tidwell    
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