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Introducing #JRPGJuly 2016



RPGamer is once again supporting Chic Pixels' #JRPGJuly! #JRPGJuly runs for the whole month of July and it supports the gaming community playing, sharing, and discussing JRPGs. RPGamer had a huge success with the event last year, and once again we are offering our support by playing some JRPGs.

Much like last year, many of our staff can be followed via Twitter or by checking out the hashtag #JRPGJuly. I thought I would introduce what the staff participants will be playing all month long. Some staffers will be streaming their playthroughs, some will be screencapping their experience as well. Every Sunday, starting July 10, until the end of the month, expect a round-up of the progress the staff has made. We hope you will partcipate alongside with us!

Here's what everyone is playing:

Sam "Nyx" Wachter will be playing the 2001 gem, Okage: The Shadow King as her main title for the month. However, you may get the odd update of her playthrough of Grand Kingdom as well.

Anna Marie "Paws" Privitere will be spending the month with idols, as she will be working her way through both Omega Quintet and Tokyo Mirage Sessions. Robert "lolwhoops" Sinclair will also be working his way through Tokyo Mirage Sessions, as well as Bravely Second.

Cassandra "Strawberry Eggs" Ramos will also be traversing though Bravely Second during the event. Expect quite the updates from her!

Michael "GaijinMonogatari" Baker is going to be playing through an import title I am sure a few of us are quite curious about: Star Ocean: Blue Sphere.

Zach "Nekobasu" Welhouse is going to be digging into Final Fantasy V, though if this goes poorly, he has The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky for backup.

Pascal "SquigglyLeo" Tekaia is going to be sharing his thoughts this month on Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark Force, which is a remake of the original Fairy Fencer F. Also, he will be working his way through Bravely Default as well!

Nathan "TwinBahamut" Schlothan will be playing through Romancing SaGa 2 for the event.

Meanwhile, new editor Kelley "redrock963" Ryan will be playing through the PlayStation 2 classic, Wild Arms 5.

Lastly, you will see updates for both Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness and Lunar 2 from editor, Shannon "SweetieAshe" Harle.

We hope you enjoy reading our updates throughout the month. Make sure if you wish to  participate, use hashtag #JRPGJuly or feel free to share your thoughts on our forum

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