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Kickstarter Check-In: Fictorum



Fictorum is an in-development title from Scraping Bottom Games focused heavily on spellcasting. To help fund its development, Scraping Bottom Games has begun a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.

In Fictorum, players take the role of the last survivor of an order of mages. As judgment for past crimes committed, their friends and family are sentenced to death in spite of appeals to the Grand Inquisitor himself. The player's character is sentenced to walk through the life-draining Miasma, one of the relics of their order's less appealing days, but somehow manages to survive the experience. The Miasma has left its mark; the hero's body is now old and corrupted, but that does not stop them from seeking vengeance on the Grand Inquisitor.

The world map is randomly generated, with the various locations providing different encounters. Players can choose to fight through a guarded town and pick up loot while doing so, or perhaps choose whether to investigate a local execution or use it as an opportunity to rifle through the town for goods while everyone is distracted. Combat in Fictorum is action-based and encourages players to rain down destructive spells on their enemies. Spells can be dynamically adjusted using runes to amplify aspects of that spell. Buildings and other structures can be quite easily destroyed by the player in their quest against the Inquisition.

Fictorum is being developed for PC, with its release initially planned for June 2017. Scraping Bottom Games is looking for $25,000 in funding by July 23, 2016. Those who pledge at least $20 will receive a copy of the game at launch as part of their backer rewards, with those who pledge $30 or more gaining access to an alpha version shortly after the campaign's conclusion.

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