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Grand Kingdom Shows Four Final Characters


Grand Kingdom

Just one week after NIS America showed off four characters during E3, the company is rolling out the final character trailer for Grand Kingdom. The last classes to be showcased are the Dragon Mage, the Arcanist, the Blacksmith, and the Challenger.

The Dragon Mage is a character mounted on the back of a dragon that focuses on deadly fire and physical attacks. The Arcanist conjures elemental magic to attacks enemies on the field from afar. The Blacksmith is a close-quarters fighter whose hammer attacks are both effective on the front line and for removing obstacles mid-fight. Finally, theChallenger wields a powder keg and can also create battlefield obstacles.

Grand Kingdom is tactical role-playing game where players build squads from seventeen distinct classes. The game is now available digitally in North America and digitally and physically Europe on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. Its North American retail release will be available next week on June 28, 2016.


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