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Nintendo Reveals New Pokémon and Battle Format - E3


Pokemon Sun/Moon

Unveiled earlier today at  Nintendo Treehouse Live were various details about the upcoming Pokémon Sun and Moon games for the 3DS. Some new Pokémon were revealed, likely from the beginning of the game. The first of these is Pikipek, the Woodpecker Pokémon. It is a Normal/Flying-type and has either the Keen Eye or Skill Link Abilities. This bird-like creature can bore holes in tree trunks using its beak and it strikes hard enough to shatter rocks. 

The next 'mon is the Normal-type Yungoos, the Loitering Pokémon. This mammalian creature is not native to Alola, but rather was imported there to control the population of another, unspecified Pokémon. Yungoos is known for its ravenous appetite. It can either have Strong Jaw or a new Ability called Stakeout. This allows the Pokémon to deal double damage to an opponent that switches in mid-battle. 

The third is the Larva Pokémon Grubbin, a Bug-type. It has the Ability Swarm. Its strong jaws are as useful for burrowing underground as they are in battle. This Bug-type tends to live near power plants and other sources of electricity and it can swing from tree branches using sticky threads.

More information was also revealed on the mythical Pokémon Magearna. This Steel/Fairy-type is known as the Artificial Pokémon and it was created by a genius scientist five hundred years ago. Its metallic body houses a spherical object called the Soul-Heart, which its creator made by gathering life energy from other Pokémon. Soul-Heart is also the name of Magearna's new Ability, which raises its Special Attack stat whenever a Pokémon in the current battle faints. Its signature move is called Fleur Cannon. Magearna can be obtained by using the new QR code function in Pokémon Sun/Moon. Details as to where to find the code are forthcoming. 

The mascot legendary Pokémon for Sun and Moon were also shown to have new forms. They take on these forms when they unleash their great power, both of them shinning with a strong light. Sun version's Solgaleo has the Radiant Sun phase while Moon version's Lunala has the Full Moon phase.

Lastly, there will be a new format for battles in the seventh generation of games called Battle Royal. In Battle Royal, four players fight against each other at the same time. Trainers bring three Pokémon with them and send them out one at a time. The battle is over when one trainer has all of their Pokémon faint. The players are then ranked based on how many opponents are knocked out and how many of their creatures are left standing.

Pokémon Sun and Moon will be released later this year, on November 18 in North America, and on November 23 in Europe. A summary of all of this information can be found in a newly-released trailer, which can be viewed below.


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