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Rising Star Games Announces Earth's Dawn - E3


Rising Star Games

Publisher Rising Star Games announced that it will be releasing Japanese developer Oneoreight's Earth's Dawn to North America and Europe. The game will be released digitally for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in the fall of 2016 before later receiving a PC and a physical PlayStation 4 release.

Earth's Dawn is a side-scrolling brawler RPG that was released in Japan under the title Earth Wars. The game sees Earth decimated by an invading alien force known as the E.B.E. Initially unable to fight back, mankind was able to make a breakthrough by reverse-engineering the E.B.E.'s technology, with players part of the elite forcing fighting back.

Combat is the game is heavily combo-based, with players able to link aerial, sliding, and dash attacks. Players earn points based on their combat performance, which can used to upgrade their character and customise skill trees. A couple of Japanese gameplay videos can be viewed below along with Earth's Dawn's English announcement trailer.

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