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World of Final Fantasy Receives English Story Trailer


World of Final Fantasy

Square Enix has an early E3 treat in store for players looking forward to World of Final Fantasy. The spin-off game of the popular RPG series is a mix of classic gameplay and toy-like visuals, and features cameos from many well-known Final Fantasy characters, heroes and monsters alike.

Players take control of two twins, Reynn and Lann, both suffering from memory loss. They must travel through the land of Grymoire, battling, collecting, and raising classic monsters from the series, like chocobos and cactuars. Square Enix aims to introduce a whole new generation of gamers to the beloved worlds and characters of Final Fantasy, while giving series veterans a chance to revisit its roots.

World of Final Fantasy will release in North America on October 25, 2016, followed by the European release on October 28, 2016. Players pre-ordering the day one edition of the game will also receive the legendary Sephiroth to summon in battle as a bonus.

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