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Criminal Girls 2 Motivated to Go West


Criminal Girls 2

NIS America announced that it will release Criminal Girls 2: Party Favors in the West later this year. The game will launch exclusively for PlayStation Vita in North America on September 20, 2016, and in Europe on September 23, 2016.

Criminal Girls 2 a follow-up to Criminal Girls: Invite Only, which NIS America released in 2015, also for PlayStation Vita. The game sees players tasked with guiding a new group of female deliquents through Hell's Reformation Program, which will allow them to return to the real world. Criminal Girls 2 features a turn-based combat system as well as a new skill tree, with players able to guide their charges down the S or M routes through Motivation mini-games.

Those who wish to see more of the game can check out its announcement trailer as well as its official website. NIS America also posted a blog entry in which it details the minor changes that have been made in order to secure an English release. (Please note that these links may be Not Safe for Work).

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