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Sword Coast Legends Raging Ahead with Free DLC


Sword Coast Legends

PC players who've entrenched themselves in party-based RPG Sword Coast Legends are getting some good news. A whole new campaign, Rage of Demons, has been released as DLC, and it's entirely free for those who've already purchased the game. In terms of story, Rage of Demons isn't afraid to name-drop, as it lets player fight alongside the most famous drow of them all, Drizzt Do'Urden. It also introduces the all-new tiefling race and allows players to play using the warlock class.

On the multiplayer front, Rage of Demons gives DMs some new toys to tinker with when designing their own custom campaigns. New creatures, areas for dungeons and towns, decorations, and tilesets are all there to be built into future adventures.

Console players have not gotten their feet wet in this iteration of the Forgotten Realms universe, but both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are being targeted for releases this year. In the meantime, here is a gallery of new screenshots, including everyone's favorite dark elf.


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