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The Technomancer Arrives This Summer


The Technomancer

Spiders has announced a release date for the upcoming action RPG The Technomancer. The company's return trip to Mars will begin on June 21, 2016, in both North America and Europe. With the release date came a new video detailing some of the game.

Players control Zachariah, a low ranking member of an elite group of warriors known as the the Technomancers. Zachariah can develop three different combat styles: staff, which focuses on sweeping attacks; blade and gun, which is about mobility and battlefield control; and mace and shield, which is a more defensive stance that focuses on blocking and parrying. These different styles can be switched mid-combat and can be enhanced with Zachariah's natural electric abilities.

The Technomancer is the newest game from Spiders and shares that same world as its previous efforts, Mars War Logs. The game will be available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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