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Dragon Fin Soup Served on More Platforms


Dragon Fin Soup

Grimm Bros recently revealed that its Kickstarter-funded title, Dragon Fin Soup, will be coming to Xbox One, iOS, Android, Mac, and Linux later this year. Previously released for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita, the release on these new platforms will feature a version titled Dragon Fin Soup: Extra Chunky Edition. This new updated version will also be provided to those platforms the game is already available on.

The Extra Chunky Edition is stated to include all fixes and tweaks from past PC patches plus new content and features. These include the ability to level up pets by feeding them and a new "Trash Talk" system plus new dungeons, items, and weapons. Grimm Bros also announced that following some difficulties with Dragon Fin Soup's PlayStation ports (that it aims to fix with the Extra Chunky Edition), it plans to provide free Steam codes to those who bought the game through the PlayStation Network.

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