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Ray Gigant Set for May Release


Ray Gigant

Ray Gigant's North America and European publisher acttil released new details for the game, including a hefty batch of just under a hundred English screenshots. With the details came a narrowing of the game's expected release period, with the game coming exclusively to PlayStation Vita in both regions sometime in May 2016 as a download-only title.

The new screenshots for the game feature various aspects from the game's three interconnected storylines taking place in different parts of the world. Set in June 20XX, Ray Gigant sees Earth's major cities under attack from extraterrestrials known as Gigants. Initially unable to fight back against them, a single boy in Tokyo emerges with the power, known as Yorigami, to defeat them. Unfortunately, after using his power to defeat the Gigants around Tokyo, he loses control of the power and ends up destroying the city.

The first chapter of the game focuses on this boy, Ichiya Amakaze, who after losing control of his power is detained and taken to a safe location. The second chapter moves to England and another boy with Yorigami powers called Kyle Griffin, who has had a sheltered and rich upbringing. The third chapter takes place primarily in the Carribbean, where Nil Phineus protects the islands using her Yorigami powers.

Ray Gigant's story parts take place with a visual novel style structure. After various story events have taken place, players then journey in a party of three to the relevant dungeon to explore and fight against the Gigants. The game's combat system is primarily turn-based, with a focus on perspective and distance due to the size of the opponents. Party members have unique abilities, with a rhythm-based system used to unleash more powerful attacks.

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