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Torchlight Mobile Impression 2 - E3


Torchlight Mobile

When I first heard that the Torchlight series was getting a mobile free-to-play entry I was more than a little skeptical. After spending a little bit of time playing the game I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised. I played a bit of an early build on an iPad Mini, which felt just right for this experience. The controls use the now standard floating analog joystick for the left side of the screen with your attacks, selected abilities on the right. Quick access to your items, character sheet, etc are all along the edges of the screen. While the UI was certainly busy, it didn't necessarily feel cluttered. Everything I needed to know or wanted to access was visible or a button press away. Overall, the UI feels like what I would want from a portable Torchlight.

In general the game feels and looks just like Torchlight II, but divided up into more portable friendly bite sized chunks. From the hub town you can access a series of quests, run through a few quick floors, kill a boss, then warp back to town. The town itself is full of the vendors you'd expect from this series and even has a spot to go fishing.

The only returning class from the previous game is the Engineer. All of the others are brand new for this game. Pets make a return, for this demo I had a panda companion. I was told that the character customization of your character's appearance should be just as, if not more robust than Torchlight II, so you should not have to worry about looking the same as everyone else. The game is free-to-play and based on what I have seen and what I was told, it is largely benign. I didn't get to dive to deeply into what exactly is and isn't paid, but it seems like you will get a fun experience without having to spend a lot of money. There is four player co-op, and because your characters are saved server side you can jump back and forth between a tablet and smartphone. The game is set to launch later this year and seems like the Torchlight franchise is being done some justice in this mobile F2P version.

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