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Guild of Dungeoneering Opening Its Doors Next Month


Guild of Dungeoneering

Gambrinous's Guild of Dungeoneering, a game about building a dungeon rather than exploring one, now has a release date. The game is set to release on major digital distribution platforms for PC and Mac beginning on July 14, 2015.

Dungeoneering has players following the adventures of a wandering hero around whom they build a dungeon using cards drawn from a deck. The wandering hero then reacts to how you construct the deck, whether it be loot, traps, or various monsters to fight. As the game continues, players will act as the manager of a guild hall, in which the guild deck can be improved and new, different heroes can be recruited.

Pre-ordering before the game's release date nets players a DLC pack, a swashbuckling-themed add-on that provides a new region, two new hero classes, and five unique adventures. The Pirate Cove Adventure Pack will be available after launch for the price of $4.99. Guild of Dungeoneering will be available for $14.99 upon release.

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