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Three More Aldorlea Games Appear on Steam


Aldorlea Games

Aldorlea Games' presence on Steam will be has recently grown and will be growing some more. The indie publisher just released one of the games in its back catalogue in April and has two more games releasing this month: Asguaard, Vagrant Hearts 2, and Moonchild.

Asguaard, originally released in 2009, is Aldorlea's most popular game and one of its largest, featuring a fully-explorable world that can take to one hundred hours to complete. The game is available on Steam for $14.99/14.99/10.99.

Vagrant Hearts 2, originally released in 2011, picks up a short time after Vagrant Hearts and sends Scarlitt and Wyatt to Dark Azulel, a sovereign and forgotten land. Moonchild, originally released in 2012, follows Queen Calypso as she and her friends search for her child, who has been kidnapped by unknown forces. The game features nine playable characters and over twenty hours of content. Both games arrive on Steam this May.

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