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DLC Schedule Announced for Devil Survivor 2 Record Breaker


Devil Survivor 2 Break Record

Atlus USA has announced the DLC schedule for the upcoming 3DS title Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2 Record Breaker in North America. The DLC is a mixture of paid and free content, all coming in the form of additional free battles. The paid DLC will cost $0.99 (CA$1.49) each, with the pieces detailed below:

  • Beginner's Brawl (Free) A low-level encounter, with fairly weak enemies that will allow players to earn some quick cash.
  • Lost Demon Rescue (Free) A battle where a demon is caught in between two groups of enemies. Should the demon survive the battle then it will join the player.
  • Macca Makes an Escape (Paid) Players are tasked with chasing down demons trying to make an escape while carrying three times the usual amount of money.
  • All Skills Must Go (Paid) Memory sticks containing skills are scattered around the battlefield. However, the demons will try and run off with them if players don't pick them up quickly enough.
  • Let the Demons Grow (Paid) An ideal battle for levelling characters, as the demons are set to provide more experience than normal.
  • Addonetarium (Paid) A battle specifically geared towards higher-level characters, particularly those who have starting using add-ons in the demon fusing process.

With the exception of Beginner's Brawl, the difficulty of the battles scales along with the protagonist's level. The DLC will be launched with the following schedule:

  • May 5 Beginner's Brawl, Macca Makes an Escape (same day as the game's release)
  • May 12 All Skills Must Go, Lost Demon Rescue, Let the Demons Grow
  • May 19 Addonetarium

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