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Opening Cinematic Prepares Eorzea for Heavensward


Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward

Square Enix's latest "Letter from the Producer" presentation for Final Fantasy XIV revealed some more details about the upcoming expansion, Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward. The presentation also saw the expansion's opening movie making its debut, which can be viewed below. Those planning to watch the video should note that it contains heavy spoilers for the latest part of the main scenario storyline that came with patch 2.5.5.

Heavensward will add nine new zones to the game, which are stated to be 50-100% larger than those currently found in A Realm Reborn. These new zones will include floating landmasses than players will be able to fly to using special airborne mounts. These mounts will be able to be used as a regular mount on the ground, but will only be ably to fly in those areas added with the expansion. Enemies will be able to hit the player on the ground while mounted, but players will be safe while flying as there are currently no airborne enemies.

Changes to the crafting and gathering jobs coming with the new level 60 cap were detailed, including the new Specialist system. Players will able to become a specialist in three classes from level 55, although the specialisation can be changed using the new Scrips system. Being a specialist grants access to special actions for that class. The new Scrips system removes the need for crafting and gathering jobs to meld materia to the gear for high-level content. Players can take choose to trade their gear for new, upgraded gear, although using melds is still said to allow players to craft quicker.

Free Companies will also get some new activities via the addition of workshops and airship building. Workshops are added to the basements of Free Company houses, which can be purchased with gil. Airships are made up of four parts bow, hull, stern, and sail with the parts used affecting its stats. Multiple airships can be built, with players using maps to send the airships out on exploration missions and obtain items. Players will not be able to ride in the airships on exploration missions themselves to start off with, but the developers are planning to add this in future updates.

Other, more specific changes were also revealed regarding new content in the expansion, such as new quests and battles, and can be read up on in a summary thread on Square Enix's official forums. Heavensward is due to be released for PC, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4 on June 23, 2015, with early access for pre-orders starting on June 19, 2015.

** Warning: Video contains spoilers **

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