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Guild Wars 2 Season 2 Starts Soon


Guild Wars 2

Instead of developing full expansions, Guild Wars 2 has been opting to release regular small updates that make up a "Living Story". Now that the first major storyline featuring Scarlet Briar has been wrapped up, Season 2 is due to begin on July 1.

This time, the Guild Wars 2 team hopes to make Living Story updates more accessible to players. Anybody who logs into the game during the two-week period while a particular update is live will gain permanent access to that update's story content. Players who miss a particular update entirely will have the option to purchase its story content in the game's Gem Store. All Living Story content and rewards will be permanent features in the game from here on out, although seasonal festivals will remain temporary.

Season 2 is kicking off near the Maguuma Jungle, continuing the story of several characters we met during Season 1. Here is a teaser for the first Season 2 content release.

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