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E3 is here, and it's time to ogle upcoming game footage and make fun of presenters at the big press conferences. Microsoft, EA, Ubisoft, and Sony will all be holding their conferences today, while Nintendo's digital presentation will be held tomorrow morning. All times are from the Pacific time zone.

9:30am: Microsoft

Microsoft's conferences aren't known for featuring RPGs, but who knows? Perhaps Lionhead will make an appearance.

Watch the Microsoft Stream Here

11:30am: EA

Dragon Age: Inquisition will be one of the stars of EA's press conference. Some might call The Sims 4 a kind of role-playing game as well. Don't worry, we promise not to cover it officially.

Watch the EA Stream Here

3pm: Ubisoft

Child of Light was a critical darling. Will Ubisoft follow it up with more RPG announcements?

Watch the Ubisoft Stream Here

6pm: Sony

Square Enix has stated that you won't see Final Fantasy XV at Sony's conference. What will you see? There's got to be some RPGs in there somewhere...

Watch the Sony Stream Here

9am Tuesday: Nintendo

We'll be looking forward to some Zelda footage here. Perhaps we'll even see some other anticipated titles like X and SMT vs. Fire Emblem.

Watch the Nintendo Stream Here

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