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Has Yuna Gone Too Wild?


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Once known as Spira's foremost Lady Summoner and now simply called Yuna, this young celebrity has been topping the headlines for months with her increasingly risque antics. Is this a misplaced bid to keep her celebrity alive after the defeat of Sin, or is it a cry for help?

It all began with the explosive breakup of her engagement to hunky superstar Seymour Guado. Soon afterwards, paparazzi shot footage of young Yuna engaging in underwater hanky-panky with an unnamed blond Guardian, pictures that shocked her young fanbase.

Lady Summoner Yuna in her family-friendly days.

It wasn't until her recent concert tour, however, that Yuna's antics really began to be cause for concern. Shedding her modest kimono for barely-there tops, short skirts, and booty shorts, the young singer turned heads and began to give her fans' parents cause for concern.

Then, at the Spira's Greatest Acts musical award show, Yuna strode on stage with Grand Maester Boom Boom, wearing nearly nothing and brandishing an oversized foam moogle.

"I don't want to talk about what she did with that moogle, but I can tell you I changed the sphere to Blitzball as fast as I could," stated one concerned Bevelle mother of four. "My daughter keeps asking me questions about Yuna. Does she still love Yevon? I just don't know!"

Yuna's new risque persona has caused concerns amongst parents.

Unnamed sources close to the Summoner-turned-singer believe that Yuna's new choice of company is to blame. She's been frequently seen partying at all hours with a bikini-clad Al-Bhed girl and a mysterious woman dressed in black leather. These three are rumored to be planning an upcoming musical tour called Blitzerz, and we fear that's not referring to Spira's favourite pastime.

Do you still allow your children to watch old spheres of Lady Summoner Yuna, or do you prefer they remain completely ignorant of the star after her fall from grace? Has she gone too far, or is this simply a natural progression into adulthood for young people during the Calm? Let us know in the comments!

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