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Ragnarok Tactics Officially Announced


Ragnarok Tactics

Although revealed at this year's E3, Aksys Games has officially announced the upcoming release of the PlayStation Portable strategy RPG, Ragnarok Tactics. Based on the Ragnarok Online universe, and developed by Apollosoft and Chime, the game features an original story with multiple endings as well as a new battle with creatures, job classes and cultures from the Ragnarok world.

Said story begins with the Branshaldo Empire and the Aura Republic warring over the control of the Grantria Peninsula. While a truce has been called, since neither side was able to gain an edge, the people of the peninsula are uneasy as war could break out again at any moment. It is here that the protagonist fights against rival factions, monsters controlled by unknown masters, and their own dark desires.

Aksys's press release also mentioned customizable characters, the game's Ad Hoc mode to exchange weapons and engage in battles with player-created units, and some unique battle mechanics such as Overdrive and Burst Strike abilities. More details on the game, including the battle system, can be found in our E3 2012 impression. More screenshots can be viewed here.

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