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Heroes of Ruin Impression - E3 2012


Heroes of Ruin

Heroes of Ruin was first introduced to RPGamer at E3 2011. With drop-in drop-out multiplayer, it's not the first portable action RPG but it was one that appeared to have a lot of potential. Set to release this summer in both North America and Europe, it's one of the few action RPGs for the 3DS.

Unlike last year, the games in the demo were not tied to each other, so this was strictly a single player experience. As the game was still under development last year, and game drops happened frequently, it was this aspect that I was looking forward to trying the most. Instead, I picked up the title mid-dungeon and began exploring.

My character wielded a gun that could shoot single bullets, spray a cone shape in front of me, or drop a bomb and duck backwards, a great move for dodging enemies when they got too close and a nice alternative to using my weapon as a bat and whacking them over the head. Several spider enemies stuck me down, and I had to rapidly tap 'B' to get myself free before continuing the assault. The variety of attacks was great and numerous enemy skeletons were dispatched on my way to a quest objective.

When I arrived at a gnarled and ancient tree, my task was to chase all four ghosts away simultaneously, a small puzzle that took only a moment to figure out before successfully freeing the tree of taint and moving to my next quest objective. When loot dropped, I was able to sell it quickly by hovering over it with my character and holding the down button on the d-pad to immediately sell the loot.

Does all this sound a little too familiar? It should the game hasn't changed since we played it a year ago, other than this is a new class, which is disappointing to say the least. Moreover, the game's graphics haven't changed from last year, as the section we played was deep in the same jungle environment. Hopefully the game has some additional backdrops and information before it launches next month.

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Heroes of Ruin
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