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Ragnarok Tactics Impression - E3 2012


Ragnarok Tactics

Aksys Games didn't have a booth, but they did have some important announcements to make at E3 this year. One of the most unexpected is a localization of Ragnarok: The Imperial Princess of Light and Dark, which came out in Japan last October for the PlayStation Portable. Titled Ragnarok Tactics in North America, the game is one more reason to keep your PSP in reach.

Ragnarok Tactics will, unsurprisingly given its title, be a tactical RPG incorporating the classes, skills and world elements of Ragnarok Online. In fact, the game even lets you sit to heal, just like you can in the MMO. Of course, sitting in a tactical battle has certain disadvantages, namely being completely defenseless to enemy attacks.

The game will have its own story with five different endings. Along the way, you will be able to ally with three different factions and that choice, along with a couple others, will dictate how your game will wrap up. But don't despair about having to replay the entire game just to see all the possible story outcomes. The game will include a feature that lets you go back and start playing from key decision points in the story so that you can then see what you missed given your prior choices. Aksys estimates each ending will take you about 20 hours of play to reach, so you should be able to get quite a lot of game time out of this title when Aksys releases Ragnarok Tactics this fall.

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