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Dragon's Crown Still Lives


Dragon's Crown

After months of silence, stealth website updates, and pre-order cancellations, finally new light has been shed on the fate of Dragon's Crown. This PlayStation 3 and Vita dual release in development by Vanillaware has changed publishers from UTV Ignition to Atlus USA. Not only is Atlus handling publishing and distribution in North America, but the company will also be assisting in development.

Atlus has stated that the previously estimated development schedule was a little too ambitious, so the spring 2012 release is not going to happen. Dragon's Crown is now set for a 2013 release. The pre-order cancellations that took place are likely due to a price correction, as Atlus states that the game cannot hit retail as low as $29.99 and still be profitable. The PlayStation Vita version will now be $39.99 and the PlayStation 3 release is set at $49.99. Also, many of the game's features were promised without the knowledge of the developers. No details have been made yet as to whether any previously announced features will be removed, but more details will be made available over the coming months.

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Dragon's Crown
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