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Wii Owners Rain Challenge on Nintendo



The internet is often filled with futile petitions for one hopeless cause or another, but rarely are these petitions handled with such efficiency. A project called Operation: Rainfall recently began a letter writing movement to Reggie Fils-Aime, President and COO of Nintendo of America, in an effort to get the company to take notice of the fan's desire to see a North American release of the Wii RPGs Xenoblade, The Last Story, and Pandora's Tower. This movement started on IGN's message boards and has since spread across the internet, including the movement's own blog.

A bit of history on these games; all three RPGs have been released in Japan. Xenoblade was the first, as it saw a Japanese release on June 10, 2010. Interestingly enough, the very first bit of information about the game was seen on Nintendo of America's press site after E3 2009 when a trailer was made available for the game's earliest title Monado: Beginning of the World. Other than this trailer, nothing more was mentioned about the game from NoA. The game was once listed on Nintendo's Game Guide, but has since been removed. It has also not been on any upcoming game list since, though on a Nintendo Financial Results Briefing that was released back in January, Monado was still listed with a TBA release date for North America. Nintendo of America has been silent about a North American localization. Though the company's customer support still asserts that Monado has been announced, it does not have an official release date. It is also still listed on Nintendo of America's customer service master games list.

In recent days, Nintendo of Europe confirmed the game would receive an English localization in the UK as Xenoblade Chronicles. Operation: Rainfall has since moved beyond the simple letter writing movement and began full swing to a pre-order campaign on Amazon. This movement shot Monado, which has been available for pre-order since 2010, from #12,000+ on Amazon to the #1 best selling video game, a huge feat for a game without a confirmed release.

Operation: Rainfall is also pushing for the North American localization of The Last Story, a January 2011 Japanese release that was just confirmed for European release in 2012, and Pandora's Tower, which was just released in Japan in May 2011. This effort, which has spanned dozens of message boards, Facebook, and Twitter, has gained the notice and approval of the Japanese developers of these games, though Nintendo is still the publisher who holds the key to their release. Whether anything comes from this or not still remains to be seen, though at least two of these games are already receiving an English localization, so it's really just a matter of readying them for North America.

Passionate pleas via the internet for these games is no guarantee that Nintendo of America will decide to release them. If it were, we would have seen Mother 3 years ago. Operation: Rainfall's pre-order campaign is likely the biggest factor here, despite the fact that Amazon requires no money to place a pre-order. Only time will tell how this will turn out, though Nintendo of America did mention updates soon via Twitter. We will keep you updated.

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