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Vana'diel Expands with the Wings of the Goddess


Final Fantasy XI

At the Square Enix party currently ongoing over in Japan, a couple more announcements had to wait until the doors opened. One of these announcements is the fourth expansion for Final Fantasy XI. Wings of the Goddess promises to tell a tale of the past, taking the current citizens of Vana'diel to a new time for new adventures.

While there are not a lot of details just yet, Square Enix's PlayOnline site has provided a theatrical video. There are scenes of a world rebuilt, the ruins restored. In these scenes, there is also an ominous blue orb falling from the sky. Whether this is the Great War twenty years previous of the current timeline, or something even farther back is unclear, however. At the end of the video is a vague release date of Winter 2007.

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Final Fantasy XI
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