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E3: Prequel Announced for Final Fantasy VII


Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII

Although rumor has circulated for several years that a sequel to Final Fantasy VII was in the works, Advent Children dispelled the large majority of them. However, to the surprise of much of the gaming media, a direct prequel to the massively popular title was announced at Square Enix's press conference.

The prequel, entitled Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII, features the Turks, the Shinra corporation's skilled mercenary force. Although much of the game appears to be vaguely action-oriented in nature, the battle system features a modified but still tried-and-true menus and turn-based system. The biggest surprise about the game is probably that it is being developed by Square Enix's Mobile sub-division for use on cellphones. Whether the game will be coming stateside is a matter of some question, given that our delivery system for cellphone broadcasting isn't as standardized as Japan's. More information will be coming shortly from the show floor at E3.

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