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Another spell that the hero used was a time-slowing spell. This, as one would guess, slows down all of the other characters around you. Although it was not shown, if two opposing heroes use the slow time spell, they will fight each other in normal time while everything else goes into slow motion. The game definitely resembles the now-famous Matrix scenes while these effects are going on.

Another thing that Molyneux talked about was the townspeople discussing what was going on. The girls who were captured watched the ongoing fight and chattered about what was going on. Their impressions affect your alignment, and their opinions will also permeate the town once they are returned. They have to make it back to town, of course.

After demonstrating the combat system, Molyneux also stated that there is a training area in the Heroes Guild, so that the hero can improve outside of quests. When asked about hit points, he stated that they decided only to put up damage points for the bosses, leaving them out for the smaller enemies. He also stated that the deathblows shown during combat are delivered before the enemies are drained of full hit points, so they are a way of capitalizing on an enemy's unfortunate position.

At this point, the hero went to the town. The residents recognized the hero and cheered him as he entered the small city and went to a local inn. Molyneux noted that if the hero had been evil, the town would've turned their backs to him and waited on him to do his business and leave. Anything in the town is able to be purchased, from small items to houses and shops. The hero can even wait for a shopkeeper to come home, kill him, and then later buy his abandoned shop.

Carter then took took the hero to an inn to demonstrate one of the game's more unique features. One of the patrons of the inn burped loudly, and a symbol appeared over his head. With a quick press on the controller, the character had learned to belch and could do it by simply repeating the button press. The character then belched at another patron, who waved his hand in front of his face and turned in disgust. It was not revealed whether skills learned in this manner can be retained for later use. Molyneux did state that cool new fighting techniques can also be learned in this manner and reused later.

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