Expansion to Icewind Dale Expanded Further

One of the continuing advantages that PC games have over console titles is their ability to be upgraded. Not all companies make full use of this, but Black Isle Studios is a notable one that does. Not only have they released the Heart of Winter expansion for their game Icewind Dale, but they have plans to release an add-on to this expansion.

This add-on, which several people from the original Icewind Dale development team have been working on for a month, will be free to download and is estimated to be about 75-100 megabytes once finished. With it, your characters will be able to journey to a dungeon in an unfamiliar land, seemingly far from where the original game's story took place.

New magic items and monsters will also be included in the add-on, some of which have been suggested by you, the fan base. Interplay invites you to visit Icewind Dale's message boards to submit ideas of your own.

by Rob Hamilton    
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