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Dragon Quest Heroes II Enlists Four New Recruits


Dragon Quest Heroes II

Square Enix have lifted the veil surrounding four more new playable characters for its upcoming Dragon Quest Heroes II.  Featured in two all-new character trailers, Maribel, Ruff, Carver, and Terry join the growing ranks of combatants who are set to do battle when the game releases less than a month from now.

Size matters not, and though they're still young, Maribel and Ruff know how to inflict a stiff beating on their enemies. Affectionately known as Little Miss Long-Range, the boomerang-toting Maribel can keep entire groups of enemies effortlessly in check, while Ruff, The Boy Who Ride Wolf, simply charges headfirst into the fray astride his canine companion. Far from a one-trick pony, Ruff can also summon a whirlwind of sheep to trample his opponents as his special skill.

Dubbed "Ten Tons of Trouble," Carver is a well-muscled brawler who prefers to take his opponents down the old-fashioned way. Using his Knuckle Sandwich special skill, he is able to damage foes from a distance as well. Standing in contrast to his oversized, mohawked pugilistic pal, Terry, The Storming Swordsman, is a virtuoso with a blade. In addition to his uncanny speed with the weapon, he can unleash his devastating Lightning Storm special skill to fry enemies to a crisp.

Dragon Quest Heroes II will see a Steam release on PC on April 25, 2017 worldwide, with the North American PlayStation 4 version launching the same day. European and PAL territories will get the PlayStation 4 version on April 28, 2017.

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