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Divinity: Original Sin II Learns Some New Skills


Divinity: Original Sin II

Larian Studios has released a new update for Divinity: Original Sin II, which is currently in Early Access. The update adds two new schools of skills, Polymorph magic and Summoning magic, and two new default classes, Metamorph and Conjurer.  The company also released two new videos, one a trailer briefly going over the added skills and the other a lengthier video with Creative Director Swen Vincke that goes into further detail.

Polymorph magic involves adding new or altering existing body parts on the caster. While some of these changes may just provide buffs, such as giving oneself iron skin to increase defense, some of these transformations will grant different abilities for as long as they remain active. For example, the caster can sprout a pair of wings, giving them the ability to leap over great distances, while growing a pair of horns will give the gore ability, a charge that can cause bleed.

Summoning magic is focused around two types of summons: totems and incarnates. Totems are are stationary sentinels while incarnates are more akin to the creature summons from the first game. What seperates totems and incarnates from earlier summons is that they take on the properties of wherever they happened to have been summoned. Totems and incarnates will gain fire properties when summoned on fire, oil and slowing attacks when summoned on oil, healing abilities when summoned on water, etc. The remaining skills in the school are centered around infusions, abilities that provide buffs and new abilities to the totems and incarnates.

Original Sin II is currently available through Steam Early Access on PC, with a full release planned for later this year. The game follows a group of four Sourcerers on their hunt for an evil bishop named Alexandar the Innocent, who has condemned all Sourcerers. The game will feature an entirely-cooperative four player campaign, double the number of players that could team up in the first title.



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